Welcome To 'Laine's Bake Shop!

Neighbor Loaves: Sweet Edition

Fellow Chicagoans: we know that many of you have been looking for a way to support small and Black-owned businesses during this challenging time for our community and world. Here's an opportunity to do not only that, but to also support local farmers and to ensure that people throughout our city have access to nourishing and comforting foods. 

Introducing: Neighbor Loaves: Sweet Edition

When at least 2orders have been received, 'Laine's team of bakers will mix, bake, and, and pack cookies and pastries made with local ingredients, including locally grown grain. We are using local grains from Hazzard Free Farm and Janie's Mill.

We are excited to bring Neighbor Loaves: Sweet Edition to community members in need at the Brave Space Alliance.

This triple whammy of an opportunity does the following things that are sure to make you feel good:
  • Supports area grain farmers that are protecting our natural resources and fueling thriving rural economies.
  • Keeps mill employed and gets our team back to work. 
  • Provides community members a special treat during an extremely challenging time. 
Will you join us? Purchase some Neighbor Loaves today and share this opportunity with others. In partnership with the Artisan Grain Collaborative, this initiative has been spread to bakeries throughout the Upper Midwest.

Be well and thank you for your support!

NOTE: The health and well being of our staff and consumers are of the utmost importance. 'Laine's has implemented rigorous social distancing, sanitation, and self care measures to ensure that all people involved in production, distribution, and consumption of our baked goods are protected from COVID-19 infection or contamination.